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How does a Mason daycare influence your infant’s development?

Posted on 02-02-2015


Choosing a childcare facility will undoubtedly have an impact upon your child, either as a benefit or detriment to future academic and interpersonal success. Different providers vary in their professional values and teaching techniques. Finding the best match for your young child’s developing personality and their learning style can be the key to a positive or negative childcare experience. This blog will explore how the choice of a child care facility can impact your infant’s development.

Learn what the teacher to child ratio is when choosing a provider

Determining the staff to infant ratio at a child care facility is essential. Having too few personnel for the oversight of babies or toddlers can be stressful for parents, the staff, and most importantly the infants who can feel abandoned. Too many babies sequestered in one area inevitably leads to teachers being distracted and potentially a danger for the other young children. Simply keeping an infant fed and dry does not equal quality care or healthy development. Babies need positive interactions with teachers to facilitate beneficial physical and emotional development.

Learn more about the programs offered

A “drop off and play” facility is more of a babysitting service as opposed to a true developmental learning center. Most of these providers will not focus on education or learning, which can be problematic as your child enters preschool and finds themselves behind academically. While these learning experiences at an early age may seem insignificant, they are essential for preparing children for the rigors of preschool and increasingly intensive learning later in life.

The caliber and professionalism of teachers and administrative staff is important

It is essential when choosing a provider that the staff is qualified. The more experienced the staff and the higher their level of credentialing or qualifications, the better off your child will be. Do not hesitate to ask direct questions to administrators to determine if they hire “just anyone” or a true professional with appropriate training.

The child care team at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Mason, Ohio, invites you to visit our child-friendly facility and meet our qualified teachers . Come and learn why we are the most popular infant childcare facility in this area. Contact us today for more information. 

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