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Mason Daycare: Brain Developmental Milestones for Your Child

Posted on 12-01-2014


Monitoring your child’s developmental progress is important. Prudent observation can lead to parents discovering developmental delays early on, allowing more time to tackle any underlying issues. By dealing with developmental issues at an early age, parents can seek professional help to rectify the issue. In this piece we will take a brief look at a few important developmental milestones in your growing daycare aged child.

Three months

Once your child reaches the age of three months he or she should be able to raise their head and chest if placed on their stomach. Your child will also begin to monitor faces more closely while smiling at the sound of your voice. Your child will also begin to lay the foundation of social skills by enjoying playtime with other people as well as imitating movements and facial expressions.

One year

By now your infant should be much more mobile, crawling around by pulling with the arms and pushing with the legs. He or she should be able to pull up into a standing position and walk around by holding on to furniture. He or she should also start saying a few first words while trying to imitate the words which you are saying.

Two years

Your child should be able to walk around unassisted and also be able to stand on tiptoes and begin to run. He or she will begin to use very basic three to five word sentences as well as being able to follow basic instructions. Your child will start to enjoy the company of other children through interaction at school or at home.

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